Our old-gal coffee roaster is the first thing you see when you walk into our store. I liken her to my '97 VW Polo, old but tough. This is also the roaster, I learnt how to roast on.

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Why Choose Us?

We roast our coffee beans with love, care and precision. We aim to make sure that each bag of coffee is fresh and each customer pleased. We are an independent coffee roasters based in Angel Islington, building a community based on coffee, conversation and community. 

What a great place! Bought a bag last week and already run out.

I have ground the freshly roasted coffee beans at home for myself to have a tasty coffee after stressful days at work. I also took it with me to work and everyone was so pleased with the quality of the coffee. Definitely coming back for more. Recommended to many friends of mine and not stopping to do that!

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About Us

Sinem Kartal

Owner and Head Roaster

We are an independent roastery based in Islington/Angel. We are based in the Laundrette my mother ran before she retired. So, if you ever come to see the first thing you will see outside is the laundrette sign, as the original sign still exists, I have left up. 

Inside, however, I have built the coffee roasters in a homely way. In the coffee house, I wanted it to be a third space that people could sit and read in, drink coffee and talk in while we lost our coffee. You will find industrial machines covered with hand-crocheted table runners and machine covers. We have brought together the industrial and homely touch of both a laundrette and a coffee house. 

So, if when you come down to drink coffee please remember to look for the laundrette as we are hiding inside. 


Remember to look for the Laundrette sign to find us. 


4 Chapel Market, London, N1 9EZ

Our Hourse

Monday/ Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - 10am - 4pm

Thursday - 10am - 4pm

Friday - 10am - 4pm

Saturday - 8.30am - 4pm

Sunday - 8.30am - 4pm